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2017 2018
January House Spiders Wasps Garden Snails
February Goldcrests Waxwings Bawburgh Lakes 2017
March Mild Winter Snowdrops and Spring Snowflakes Spring is Coming
April Trail Hound Ben Spring The Badger
May Wild About Birds Scarlet Elf Cup Fungus Garden Ants
June Medley of Spring Flowers Grass Snake Sightings Common Cockchafer (Maybug)
July Wildlife Rescue Banded Demoiselle Spotted Flycatcher
August Bawburgh's Nature Reserve  (Article by Victoria Smillie) Hummingbird Hawk Moth  
September Red Kites Tree Bumblebees  
October Norfolk Wildlife Trust's 90th Birthday Help our Hedgehogs  
November The Bullfinch Ten Animal Myths  
December Hibernation Local Bats  


2014 2015
January Nature and the Norfolk Dialect Lichens Horsey Seals
February The Treecreeper The Brown Rat The European Mole
March Green Woodpecker Long Tailed Tits and Turtle Doves The Wren
April The Goldfinch Cluster Flies Magpie
May Bumblebees Orange Tip Butterfly Spring
June The Common Toad Walks by the River Yare Bluebells
July Mayflies In Search of the Swallow Tail Butterfly The Cabbage White Butterfly
August Encounters with Wildlife A Walk Near Wymondham Leaf Beetles
September Update on the Churchyard End of Summer Swallows
October Autumn Fungi Bats Wild Flower Garden/Elephant Hawk Moth
November Little Owl The Common Buzzard Oak
December Mistletoe Holly English (European) Yew


2011 2012
January The Heron The Red Fox The Robin
February Winter The Cormorant Egyptian Geese
March Problem Wildlife Reed Bunting Otters
April Alfie, our Patterdale terrier Versatile Kestrel Muntjak Deer
May Bawburgh in Spring Brimstone Butterfly Rooks
June Harlequin Ladybirds The Churchyard Red Eared Sliders
July Call of the Cuckoo Little Egret Bawburgh Open Gardens
August Grass Snakes Cinnabar Moth Wet Weather
September Companions for Alfie European Hornet Scorpion Fly
October Greater Spotted Woodpecker Mute Swans Labyrinth Spider
November Hedgehogs Leopard Slug The Wood Mouse
December Family Dogs Update Great Crested Grebe Sparrow-hawk


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